Successfully Conducted DET to Ministries and Financial Institutions

Group photo of stakeholders during DET to ministries and financial Institutions 2024

The DPOB recently organized a two-day Disability Equality Training (DET) program in Phuentsholing, with a focus on stakeholders from various ministries and financial institutions.

The primary objective of the DET program was to heighten awareness and understanding of disability-related issues among participants, fostering inclusivity within their respective ministries and institutions. Through meticulously designed training sessions, participants were equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively engage with individuals with disabilities.

The training included a comprehensive orientation covering crucial aspects of disability rights and policies. Participants received extensive training on the National Policy for Persons with Disabilities and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD). Additionally, practical guidance was provided on delivering appropriate support services to individuals with disabilities, ensuring their seamless integration and active participation across diverse spheres of life.

Feedback from participants regarding the DET program in Phuentsholing was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting its effectiveness in achieving its stated objectives. The heightened awareness and improved understanding of disability-related issues among attendees demonstrate the program’s impact. Furthermore, the acquired knowledge and skills are expected to contribute to the development of a more inclusive society, where individuals with disabilities are valued and provided with equitable opportunities.

The positive feedback received serves as a testament to the program’s efficacy in advancing ongoing efforts aimed at fostering inclusivity in Bhutanese society. The DPOB extends gratitude to all participants for their unwavering commitment and looks forward to continued collaboration in advancing disability inclusion initiatives.