Orientation on National Policy for persons with disabilities successfully conducted in Eastern Region

District Sector Heads During Eastern Region DET

To mainstream disability initiatives in plans, policies, and programs in all sectors. In collaboration with UNICEF, DPOB conducted the orientation of the national policy for persons with disabilities through two-day Disabilities Equality Training at Trashigang recently.

The program had been specifically targeted to district head sectors in six Eastern Region  which has reported the highest number of disabilities; unfortunately, there is a lack of interventions in these areas due to numerous constraints.

To effectively implement the national policy for persons with disabilities at the district level, an action plan has been developed. This plan encompasses strategies to address the challenges faced and promote the full participation of persons with disabilities in each district. The orientation program served as a crucial step in equipping district officials with the necessary knowledge and skills to support the implementation process.

The officials have also provided with information on the legal and policy framework for disability rights in the country and the role of district officials in ensuring that the rights of persons with disabilities are protected. The practical component aimed to provide officials with an opportunity to interact with persons with disabilities and understand their real needs and challenges through several simulation exercises. Participants have also provided with information on best practices in providing services to people with disabilities and ensuring their full participation in society.

The program has facilitated and delivered by experts in the field of disability rights and those who has lived experiences. The program had contained both theoretical and practical parts of the session.

The same program will be conducting to the rest district sector heads in coming months.