Disabled Persons’ Association of Bhutan upgrades to Disabled People’s Organization of Bhutan

Mindful of the need to promote the quality of life and abilities of all persons with disabilities regardless of age, gender and ethnic background, Disabled Persons’ Association of Bhutan-DPAB has been recognized and upgraded to Disabled People’s Organization of Bhutan (DPO) at Metta Resort, Paro. Recognizing that persons with disabilities can greatly add to the nation’s social development as a very purposeful, compassionate, and organized contributing force in our changing society, DPO will now play critical role of making persons with disabilities as their own best spokespersons.

Among many organizations working for persons with disabilities in Bhutan, DPAB is only the organization which is by and for the persons with disabilities since from 2010, whereby, majority of the Board Members, Technical Committee Members and the Management Team are consists of persons with disabilities themselves and thus DPAB was recognized and upgraded to Disabled People’s Organization of Bhutan.

Both the government agencies (GNHC) and the International Organizations (UNICEF, UNDP, WHO and Normisjon) has provided full supports in terms of financial assistance as well as technical expertise in formalizing the Association to full-fledged DPO in Bhutan,  

DPOB will now function as a platform to represent all person with disabilities raising voice of their own by participating in policy formulation, legislation, programmes and in decision-making processes that impact the lives of persons with disabilities in Bhutan.

DPOB will also provide technical expertise and oversight function, based on Disability Equality Training (DET) to other service providers and to the general public as well. Moreover, it will also provide supports to the service delivery interventions carried out by other organizations engaged in disabilities works.

Bhutan as a signatory to United Nations Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), preparations are underway for ratification. In other countries, DPOs help governments to effectively monitor the implementations of UNCRPD, and the upgrading to DPO in Bhutan will also serve this function.

By 2030, DPO aims to contribute towards creating an environment where all Persons with Disabilities in Bhutan live in an inclusive society fulfilling their needs and enjoying their rights.