Facilitating persons with disabilities to take participate in the election

election 2018

On 14th April 2018, DPAB in collaboration with the Election Commission of Bhutan successfully conducted first ever Postal Ballot Facilitation services to the People with disabilities in Thimphu area in the Bhutan’s third time National Council Parliamentary Election.

The Article 23 of the Bhutanese Constitution clearly states that the inviolable right to the people of Bhutan If the noble view of the human rights is to flourish, it must be rooted in democracy and the most basic right of all is the right to choose your own representatives. Every Bhutanese citizen must have an equal right to vote. There is no duty, which weighs heavier on the government than the duty to ensure that right to the people. From this massive initiative taken by DPAB and ECB, it was not only an opportunity for people with disabilities to experience how free and fair election are being conducted but also a unique platform to learn about the necessary assistance required by the PWDs to exercise their franchise.

We fully acknowledge that now everyone gets equal opportunities in Bhutan to vote for our individual candidate in the same way as others. On behalf of persons with disabilities, DPO would like to immensely thank ECB for providing equal access for all the eligible citizens of Bhutan including people with disabilities to participate in the election.